Aatmic Awareness

Aatmic Awareness (AA) is a unique self development program based on spiritual inputs from East and West, sowing the wisdom of physical diet, mental diet, spiritual diet and thus creating an enlightened being. It helps understand true freedom and inner potential to gain a greater vision of who you are. AA focuses on the awareness of the Light within each of us, providing the knowledge of life and giving us the tool of awareness for a loving, purposeful and successful life. A form of Samadhi meditation that helps dissolve the layers of conditioning and illusions, understand the thinking processes, inspires creativity for professional and personal excellence, AA offers the key for fulfilling and meaningful relationships at work, home, community, and most importantly, with one's self.

Aatmic Awareness is endeavouring to build a community of successful, happy and spiritually awakened citizens. This meditation is a powerful yet effortless technique that allows the conscious mind to experience the silent depths of its own nature. It has full potential to enhance one's experience of life on many levels. Aatmic Awareness provides the experiential possibility to free one from the bonds of karma and purify the body-mind to receive higher levels of consciousness, energy and wealth.

Program Features
  • Advance Meditation and Pranayamas
  • Inter-human relationships
  • Deeper understanding of self & beyond
  • Transcend limitations and fears
  • Enhanced mental clarity, emotional balance & productivity
  • Prevent chronic ailments like Asthma, Allergies, Sinusitis, Hypertension, Diabetes, Obesity, Migraine
  • Increase the ability to handle stressful situations
  • Enhance focus, concentration & memory
  • Generate inner peace and fulfillment
  • Higher confidence level & risk-taking capability
  • Enhanced team bonding & team performance
  • Positive energy & self-empowerment
  • Understanding of right food habits
  • Enhanced physical fitness, attitude & emotional quotient