About Divyalok

Sri Satishji's universal love and his special regard for the elderly whom he treats as parents of the universe, a project very close to his heart. To serve all parents 'Swarg Foundation' is creating a home for senior citizens 'DIVYALOK' in Pen, Maharashtra, approx. 75 kms from Mumbai. This home will have all the modern amenities, age friendly design, with a meditation hall, walking track, laundry, doctor on call, dispensary, ambulance, therapy rooms, vegetarian kitchen, dinning hall, store, saloon, activity area, riverside siting, recreation and yoga room, gymnasium, gardens, library and transportation facilities.

He believes that spiritual way is the only way to achieve total peace and happiness and his vision is that all parents can be happy. We also believe that you are blessed if you have got the opportunity to serve your elderly. They have helped us to keep our spiritual and cultural values alive. A part of the debt of our ancestral lineage (pitra wrin) is paid when we ensure utmost care for our elderly and aged. Their value cannot be explained in worldly terms. This is instant and apparent way of clearing oneself of Pitra dosh.

'Divyalok' will be a residence to all like-minded coming together to form an enlightened community, where they will enjoy and celebrate life with the freedom of being themselves, mentoring the needy locals sharing their values and experience with love. A comprehensive care package that includes promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services is essential for this group of population. Easy accessibility, continuity and good quality of care only can earn respect and satisfaction of the aged, also raising the awareness of the population to active ageing.

To encourage this vision we request you all to come forward with a helping hand which will help an elderly find a home, your contribution is the bridge to 'Divyalok'. Come forward to 'parenting a parent' and earn their blessings.