Corporate Workshops and Seminars

Only a peaceful and happy mind can boost productivity, creativity, better communication, innovation, engagement, and business performance to attain success. This program is the science of self-management, focuses on attitude and the inner working of the mind to create excellence, happiness, health which can bring growth and great sense of spirit in the work environment. It is a total 'Human Development Program'. A Holistic approach is the best way to bring ethics and spiritual values into the workplace leading to increased productivity and profitability as well as employee relationship, customer loyalty, and brand reputation. Today we want employers to encourage spirituality as a way to boost loyalty, co-operation, responsibility and enhanced morale.

The hectic pace of modern life may at some point actually seem more demanding than rewarding. The wear and tear of daily life can leave everyone exhausted. At such times people need is meditative awareness to bring clarity and calmness within. We believe that only a relaxed mind can gain wisdom and be self-motivated and only self-motivation is permanent. This module being practical and applied has the anti-stress effects of "Awareness" meditation that assures better physical, mental and emotional stability in employees and managers alike. It increases patience, creativity and communication skills in people.

We believe in finding the most effective way to bring spiritual values into the workplace to clarify the company's vision and mission, and to align it with a higher purpose and deeper commitment to service both customers and community

  • Develop Awareness and Clarity in thinking
  • Better decision-making and communication skills
  • Instil creativity, productivity and self-motivation
  • Discovering the cause of stress
  • Foster harmonious relationships at work and home
  • Effortless working to your complete potential
  • Establishing a positive & open approach towards life
  • Generate inner peace and fulfilment
  • Transcend limitations and fears
  • Higher confidence level & risk-taking capability
  • Enhanced team bonding & team performance
  • Enhanced physical fitness & emotional balance