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'Swarg' heaven or paradise, often chronicled as a higher place which every individual irrespective of caste, creed, religion or sex strives to attain. We at 'Swarg Foundation' believe that this higher place is nowhere else but in the state of ultimate happiness (Ananda), natural health (Swastha) and freedom of one's mind (Chit).

'Swarg Foundation' is a volunteer-run, nonprofit Human Service Organisation, to tap the wealth of vibrant life and its potential within oneself. We attempt to assist every individual to attain this state of happiness (Sat-Chit-Ananda) through our inner transformation workshops of 'Aatmic Awareness'.


Swarg Foundation Initiatives

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Sri Satishji
About Sri Satishji

Sri Satishji Kaku fondly known as 'Guruji' is the founder trustee of "Swarg Foundation" a spiritual guru, life coach, Wellness teacher/counsellor and an artist, born in Mumbai, India...

Aatmic Awareness

Aatmic Awareness (AA) is a unique self development program based on spiritual inputs from East and West, sowing the wisdom of physical diet, mental diet, spiritual diet and thus creating...

Nature Cure
About Arham

Swarg Foundation believes in the power of nature, most of the health issues are the result of toxic thoughts, toxic environment and toxic food. Wellness is the need of the Day, this will be taken care...

Elderly Home
About Divyalok

Sri Satishji's universal love and his special regard for the elderly whom he treats as parents of the universe, a project very close to his heart. To serve all parents 'Swarg Foundation' is creating a home.

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Can we decondition our habits and other conditioning from root? (English)
Chakra Experience at Aatmic Awareness

Bhagwan na darr thi puja path karu chu, shu karu? ભગવાનના ડરથી પૂજા પાથ કરું છૂ, શુ કરું? (ગુજરાતી)
Bhav etle shu? (Gujarati) ભાવ એટલે શુ? (ગુજરાતી)

Can Compassion & Virtue cultivated? Or it's present within us? (English)

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