About Swarg Foundation

'Swarg' heaven or paradise, often chronicled as a higher place which every individual irrespective of caste, creed, religion or sex strives to attain. We at 'Swarg Foundation' believe that this higher place is nowhere else but in the state of ultimate happiness (Ananda), natural health (Swastha) and freedom of one's mind (Chit).

'Swarg Foundation' is a volunteer-run, nonprofit Human Service Organisation, to tap the wealth of vibrant life and its potential within oneself. We attempt to assist every individual to attain this state of happiness (Sat-Chit-Ananda) through our inner transformation workshops of 'Aatmic Awareness'.

At Swarg Foundation, we believe that spiritual living is the crying need of today's world and the only true path to bliss. We offer healing through meditation and self-awareness workshops, which can help every individual unleash their own eternal powers. Our specifically designed programs help in healing physical discomforts, emotional balance and help attain total peace of mind, through a holistic approach. Our vision is to bring out the real you to your fullest potential for personal and universal growth. Swarg Foundation being a catalyst for social change, whether it be holding health camps or empowering youth in rural Maharashtra by skill development in art/crafts to help transform lives.

Sri Satishji the founder trustee of Swarg Foundation has long been associated with various old age homes/facilities with his team offering services to this stratum of society, thus our commitment to provide quality of life through our project 'Divyalok' a spiritual/wellness retreat for senior citizens is in the making and will be open to all in 2021. We call this endeavour "Parenting the Parents", to provide the highest quality of service delivery to residents with a sense of dignity, love, care, social responsibility, compassion and individual pride based on Vedic 'Vanaprastha Ashram'