Social Welfare Services

Swarg Foundation's activities in many varied areas to spread love, compassion and happiness, to name a few....

  • Secrets of Health and Happiness
  • Chakra Shuddhi
  • Yoga - Pranayams - Meditation
  • Leadership based on Vedic Values
  • Food as Medicine
  • Healing through Mudras
  • Life Management
  • Health Management
  • Food Management
  • Stress Management
  • Thought Management
  • Spritual and Motivational talks conducted in India and Abroad
  • Handling failures / Exams
  • Managing Stress
  • Health Issues
  • Relationship Issues
  • Old Age Issues
Other Social Activities
  • Plantation for Green India
  • Gau Seva
  • Supporting Education for poor children
  • Food distribution to under privileged
  • Eye / Dental / Medical Camps
  • Art camps and Competition for Schools
Future Visions
  • To start a Gurukul Educational School for Under Privileged Children
  • Adopt more Oldage Homes on our Model
  • Start Common Kitchen in Backward Villages
  • A Physiotherapy Hospital
  • Supporting children for basic and higher education
  • A center to encourage and promote Indian Art, Handicrafts and Skills
  • Partnering with other NGO's on project basis